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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Zieg loves helping patients learn more about dentistry so they can take great care of their teeth between appointments and know about all of their treatment options. If you’re looking to bolster your dental IQ, this page is a great place to start. After going over all of the answers, if there is anything else you’d like to know, be sure to give us a call and just ask!

When should I go to the dentist?

You should schedule an appointment with Dr. Zieg if you are experiencing any problems/pain with your teeth, and if not, at least once every 6 months for a checkup and cleaning. Regular appointments allow him to catch minor problems and take care of them before they can become a real issue.

Does Dr. Zieg see children?

Yes! Our practice has been a part of the Lincoln community for so long that we treat many second and third-generation patients. If you have any growing smiles at home, they are always welcome here, and you can trust Dr. Zieg to provide the age-appropriate care they need to achieve a healthy, strong, and confident smile.

Is flossing really that important?

Yes! Despite what you may have seen on the news lately, all dentists agree that flossing is absolutely essential for quality oral hygiene. Without it, plaque and bacteria can build up between the teeth to create a hard-to-reach cavity, and certainly nobody wants that!

What should I do if one of my teeth hurts?

If the pain is dull and persistent, start by cleaning around it. The problem might be due to something becoming stuck between the teeth. If the toothache is really severe, however, go ahead and give Dr. Zieg a call. Our team will schedule an appointment so we can see you and relieve the pain right away.

How long does it take to repair a damaged tooth?

At other practices, fixing a large cavity or severely broken tooth would require at least two visits, but with Dr. Zieg, he can provide a custom-made crown in just one appointment thanks to CEREC technology. In about an hour or two, you can walk out of our office with a completely repaired tooth that looks like nothing was ever wrong with it.

How do I get rid of the space between my front teeth?

This is a very common problem, and one Dr. Zieg has corrected countless times before. He can use either porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding to quickly make that annoying gap disappear. Which treatment would be right for you? Give us a call to find out!

What is your insurance policy?

Our practice accepts and is in-network with most PPO dental insurance plans. You can view a list of providers we work with here, or you can give us a call to learn how we can use your particular plan to help you save.